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Instantly Evaluate Ideas and Technologies.

In a world inundated with ideas and innovations, how do you discern the groundbreaking from the mundane? At Truth Teller AI, we have made it our mission to unravel the potential of every concept, technology, and brainwave that comes our way. Our cutting-edge AI technology is here to transform the way you evaluate, strategize, and monetize your ideas.

Innovations Evaluated with Sales Forecast

What We Do:

At Truth Teller AI, we are pioneers in leveraging artificial intelligence to assess, analyze, and forecast the potential of innovations and ideas. Our platform takes the guesswork out of innovation evaluation, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that empowers businesses and individuals to make informed decisions.

Innovation Evaluation: 
Our AI evaluates your ideas with unrivaled precision, dissecting their meaningfulness and uniqueness. Through advanced algorithms, we objectively measure the potential impact of your concepts, helping you separate the game-changers from the noise.
Strategic Insights

Creating an idea is one thing, but developing a sustainable business model around it is a different challenge altogether. Our AI doesn’t stop at evaluation – it crafts business models that align with your innovation and forecasts potential sales, enabling you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Royalty Rate Calculation
Ever wondered how much your innovation could be worth in the open market? With Truth Teller AI, wonder no more. Our AI calculates the value of your idea’s potential if licensed out to others, assigning a royalty rate that reflects its true worth.
User-Centric Customization
We believe that collaboration between human intuition and AI intelligence leads to the best outcomes. That’s why we allow you to fine-tune our AI’s assumptions. Edit, refine, and input your expertise to enhance both individual predictions and the overall system accuracy.
Instantaneous Results
Time is of the essence in the world of innovation. Our AI doesn’t keep you waiting. Get real-time insights, evaluations, and forecasts at the click of a button, enabling you to seize opportunities faster and stay ahead of the curve.
Company Mission

Empowering Innovation for All, Every Day. Equipping individuals with the means to make informed choices confidently, even in the midst of uncertainty and risk.


At Truth Teller AI, our roots run deep in the world of innovation, and it all began with the visionary minds at Eureka! Ranch. For over three decades, Eureka! Ranch has stood at the forefront of innovation, pioneering groundbreaking methodologies and orchestrating transformative success stories for an illustrious roster of clients.

A Legacy of Innovation 

Founded by Doug Hall, Eureka! Ranch has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, sculpting a legacy that has reshaped industries and redefined how innovation is approached. With an unwavering commitment to unlocking human potential, Eureka! Ranch has laid the foundation for Truth Teller AI’s journey.

Pioneering Excellence

Through the years, Eureka! Ranch has been instrumental in inventing and evaluating innovations that have left an indelible mark on global corporations and institutions. Names like Johnson & Johnson, GSK, NASA, Nestlé, P&G, the Department of Commerce, and NASA have all experienced the transformative power of Eureka! Ranch’s methodologies.

A Vision Transformed

As Eureka! Ranch evolved, so did its vision. Recognizing the limitless potential of AI in innovation evaluation, the journey to create Truth Teller AI was set in motion. This visionary leap from human-driven innovation to the AI-powered realm marked a new chapter in Eureka! Ranch’s storied history.

From Legacy to Future

Truth Teller AI embodies the culmination of Eureka! Ranch’s expertise, fusing decades of innovation wisdom with cutting-edge AI technology. Our partnership with Eureka! Ranch ensures that our platform retains the essence of excellence and innovation that has defined our past, as we forge ahead into a future where every idea can be unleashed to its fullest potential.

Ideas meet their true potential

In a landscape where ideas shape industries and innovations redefine norms, Truth Teller AI is your ultimate partner. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a startup, or an established corporation, our AI-driven insights provide the clarity and confidence you need to thrive.

Join us in revolutionizing the way innovation is evaluated, strategies are crafted, and potential is unlocked. Welcome to a future where ideas meet their true potential – welcome to Truth Teller AI.

Use Cases:

Unlocking the Potential: Versatile Use Cases for Truth Teller AI


For Companies

For companies navigating a sea of new ideas, Truth Teller AI emerges as the guiding light.
By leveraging AI, businesses save valuable resources while attaining unparalleled ROI insights. Our platform accelerates decision-making by rapidly evaluating the worthiness of ideas, thus enabling informed investment choices.

Companies leverage Truth Teller AI:

1. During or after brainstorming to swiftly assess ideas resulting in efficient idea filtration.
2. As an intelligent Inbox filter to customized idea vetting, automating the screening of public submissions.
3. To identify new technologies with potential ROI that are then worth portecting and or incubating.
4. Validate disruptive innovations that transcend existing paradigms and current expertise.

For Research Institutions

Research institutions, too, reap substantial rewards from Truth Teller AI.

The platform streamlines the process of assessing valuable invention disclosures, identifying those warranting incubation for optimal ROI.

It also shines in valuating the entire intellectual property pipeline, providing stakeholders with tangible evidence of its potential.

By enhancing deal flow acceleration, it empowers business buyers to comprehensively comprehend intellectual property’s value.

Additionally, Truth Teller AI boasts the capability to forecast licensing income, accurately predicting the financial outcomes of signed agreements and prospective fees. Across industries, whether in corporations or research domains, Truth Teller AI stands as a beacon of innovation empowerment.